Today is Another Day


Painted by Yusuf Grillo

Today is another day;
today is an other day.
Tomorrow will become yesterday,
a brand new yesterday,
if you don’t take new steps today.

Take four steps to grow,
take three steps to heal,
take two steps to love,
take a step to part ways
with today’s yesterday.



Unlike almost everyone else,
I was never one to count
the seeds in my apple.
“If this seed doesn’t grow,
that one will grow”
was never really for me.
The first one I saw
was the one I chose;
I chose to count the apples in that seed,
to do whatever it would take to make it grow.

No, it didn’t grow,
because it couldn’t grow,
because it wasn’t even a seed;
I won’t pretend that I didn’t know.

Let’s Be Friends

Max Ginsburg: The Friends

Max Ginsburg: The Friends

I sincerely, deeply care about you;
I want to always be here, and there, for you.
In this world, where good friends are few,
I want to make this new experience true.
I want you to know, that I really do love you.


“Tick” goes the clock,
“tick, tick”.
What you have to do,
do quick.

“Tick” goes the clock,
“tick, tick”.
What you have to stop,
stop quick.